Change di Roberto Lofaro

Aim: to help deliver sustainable cultural, organizational, technological change

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External links: Knowledge sharing
Business books
Re-inventing your business model
A 200+ pages programme case study
Suggested readings (key books review)

External links: Business innovation support
Data-centric business and GDPR
Cultural&organizational change management
Benchmarking and monitoring tools (currently offline)

Curious about the logo (and company information)?

These are the components of the logo: from the I Ching, of course
(first 4 compose the top, last 2 compose the bottom, as in... an iceberg)

Inner Truth
Great Taming

Terms and conditions for the delivery of services
1. each customer mission has to be financed by the mission itself
2. for risk-sharing, commission-based, deferred income, multilevel: currently not interested
3. an advance/deposit/retainer before starting (depending on risk/history) will be required

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